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New Keto Zone offers low-carb meals prepared to go

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The Keto Zone was full Thursday morning for their grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. They offer low-carb meals prepared to go that are ketogenic, diabetic and Atkins diet friendly.


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MANSFIELD – Les Kiser says he’s proof that the foods he now sells help people feel better and lose weight.

Kiser, the owner and head chef of The Keto Zone, 1321 Lexington Ave., has more than 30 years of restaurant experience and cooks regularly for individuals who are homeless at Mosaic Church.

Now he has his own eatery, and on Wednesday he celebrated its grand opening with his staff and members of the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce. Currently the eatery offers foods to go only.

Kiser said he believes “God put me here” from his new business, which offers low-carb meals prepared to go that are ketogentic, diabetic and Atkins friendly.

Kiser, 57, said he weighed 299 pounds more than a year and a half ago and was able to lose the first 30 pounds — then learned about Keto and lost 55 more pounds.

“A friend of mine said go on Keto and I researched Keto and loved what I was reading,” he said. “I’ve been cooking this way for a year and a half now at church, giving people food and everyone is always saying, ‘You should open a restaurant.'”

The friendly Mansfield man, who in the past operated a train store on Lexington Avenue, said he now feels 30 years younger.

“Keto makes you feel good. It’s not just losing weight. That’s what it is all about,” he said.

He and his staff offer salads, sweets and beverages. Entrees include Italian stuffed cabbage, breadless hot Italian sub sandwich, Italian zucchini spaghetti, lasagna (pasta-free noodles) and meat sauce, grain-free breaded and baked chicken, grain-free breaded and baked pork chops and meat loaf. They also offer low-carb pizza.

The Keto Zone sells products including monkfruit sweetner, calorie-free syrups and sugar-free ketchup, barbecue sauce and more.

He plans to offer free seminars on the topic at the site, and he plans to put up a chart listing people who have lost weight.

“Once you get past the first three weeks, it’s not even a diet anymore,” Kiser said. “The more fat you eat, the more fat you lose, because you’re burning fat.”

He now exercises too and has a lot of energy.

“This is going back in time. This is how people used to eat. Keto was started in the 1950s,” Kiser said. He suggested people watch “The Magic Pill” on Netflix.

About two years ago, Kiser said he was in the hospital for two weeks in the ICU. “They said I should’ve died and when I got out of there I realized I was 300 pounds, having difficulty breathing, my heart, everything, blood pressure problems, from top to bottom,” he said.

He said people love his cooking so far.

The store, which opened May 21, is open six days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and closed Wednesdays.

By Derek L. Harrell

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Ketogenic Diet: Explained for beginners

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Have you been searching for easy weight loss programmes on the internet? There is a high chance you would have come across the words, Keto Diet. What is the Keto Diet? It is a high fat and low carb diet plan that helps you miraculously lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Sounds too good to be true right? Is it perhaps magic? No, it is not. It is solid science.

The Ketogenic diet is based on a scientific process called Ketosis. Your body is said to be in Ketosis when it starts burning fat instead of sugar for your calorie needs. There are many different diet plans out there that promise quick weight loss. How is the Keto Diet different? The ketone diet is different in two ways. One, it actually provides results, unlike most other diet plans. And two, it lets you eat a lot of tasty high-fat food such as cheese and butter.


A diet plan that allows you to eat tasty food while also reducing your weight? No wonder it is so popular all around the world.


Burning Fat vs Burning Sugar


The Ketogenic Diet plan was developed based on the thought that the human body was built to burn fat for energy. The normal human diet consists of a lot of carbohydrates. The carbohydrate molecules are converted into glucose. In fact, it is the easiest substance to convert into energy. Once the digestion process is complete, glucose is released into the bloodstream. Insulin helps carry the glucose all around the body.


You have consumed carbohydrates as your main source of energy for years. So, your body believes that burning sugar or glucose is the best way to obtain energy. The result, all the fat you consume is stored in fat cells. And never gets used for the energy requirements. Even if you are hungry the next time, you will only crave food that is either high in carbs or sugar. Also, there is only a certain extent of glucose the body can store at a time. All the unused glucose gets converted into fats and is stored. Further increasing your body weight.


What the Ketosis Diet does is that it turns this entire process on its head. It challenges the very way in which you see nutrition. By cutting down all sugar and carbohydrates intake, the Keto Diet forces the body to burn fat for energy. And this process is known as Ketosis. As you start burning more fat, you start losing weight. Moreover, since the sugar intake is very less, the diet helps in treating diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes.


If the human body is so complex and highly evolved, why does it not burn fat on its own? It does not because your food habits do not let it to. As you eat carbs or sugars, insulin is released from the liver. Insulin prevents the fat cells from entering the bloodstream. Thus preventing the process of ketosis. If you cut sugars and carbs entirely from your diet, the body stops producing insulin. No insulin in the blood means that fat cells can get released into the bloodstream to be burnt for energy.


Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet


The most popular benefit is, of course, the weight loss. You are right the controlled blood sugar levels is another benefit. But the Ketosis Diet also has a number of other benefits as well. Some of them are increased energy levels and prevention of heart diseases. Also, better-thinking ability, better-looking skin are other worthy advantages.


A lot of people wonder how is it possible to have energy all the time when the glucose intake is completely cut down. The body cannot store glucose molecules. So, once it runs out of glucose, your energy levels dip. As a result, you will start feeling hungry. On the other hand, the human body stores fat. So, you will never run out of fuel to burn if your metabolism has adapted to burning fat.


Attaining Ketosis


Reaching the state of Ketosis is only the first step of the Keto Diet plan, but it is also the most important. Here are some of the things you should follow in order to achieve ketosis as soon as possible.


Ditching carbohydrates and sugar – It is easily the most difficult part. Since your body is so used to eating carbs and sugar, once you stop eating them, the more you will crave them. For optimum results, the net intake of carbohydrates must be lesser than 20g a day.


Cutting down on proteins – It is true that it is not essential to reduce protein intake. But, it is best if you reduce them a little. As eating too much protein will result in them being converted into glucose.


Make healthy fats your friends – Do not worry about eating a lot of fat during this diet.  You will not gain extra weight because of it. All you have to do is to make sure you are eating good healthy fats. Avoid the ones that are high in trans fat and cholesterol.


Increase your water intake – The process of ketosis requires a lot of water. Hence, you may get dehydrated quickly. So, make sure to drink enough water so that you are hydrated all the time. Also, you might need electrolytes. It will help to compensate for the loss of minerals through urine. Make sure to add them to your water intake.


Exercise – The best way to burn fat and reduce weight is always through exercise. Combine the power of exercise with that of the Keto Diet and you have a fat burning monster in your hands. A 30-minute walk or a jog is all it takes. You do not have to overdo it. Just do some enough activity to get those fat cells burning.


Is the Ketogenic Diet risk-free?


Yes, the diet is completely risk-free. In fact, it improves your general body health other than just reducing weight. Unlike other weight loss diets, the Keto Diet actually makes you a healthier person. In fact, we recently tried CBD oil (with the help of HerbMighty’s best CBD oils 2019 guide) and we found that we were able to achieve ketosis quicker thanks to CBD. Interesting, right?

By Derek L. Harrell